Manatee County Property Appraiser Important Dates
 January 1st Date of Assessment
 Mid - January Exemption Renewal Receipts Mailed
Tangible Tax Returns Mailed
 March 1st  Deadline for filing the following for the current tax year:
  Agricultural Classification
Homestead Exemption
Low Income Senior Exemption
Widow/Widower Exemption
Non-Profit Exemption
 April 1st Deadline for filing Tangible Personal Property returns with the
Property Appraiser's Office
 April 1st Deadline for requesting 30 day Exenstion for filing the Tangible Property Returns
 May 1st Deadline for filing Tangible Property Returns that were granted a 30 day Exenstion
 July 1st Last day on which Notices of denied Homestead Exemptions and Agricultural Classifications can be mailed
 July 30th
 (or 30 days following the  mailing of denial notices)
Deadline for filing an appeal petition to the Value Adjustment Board on denied exemptions and Agricultural classifications
 August Notice of proposed property tax (TRIM Notices) mailed. The 25 Day appeal period begins on the date the Notices are mailed
 September Value Adjustment Board petition filing. The Deadline is stated on the TRIM Notice
 October Value Adjustment Board Hearings
 November Tax Collector mails tax bills to property owners of record